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On-Premises AI
As A Service

 Aurary is designed to empower individuals and businesses with local AI that is reliable, private, fast and offline. 

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Solution Overview
Solution for Businesses

The on-premises nature enables businesses to gain direct control over its security, minimizing the risk of data leaks.
Solution for individuals

We offer you fine-grained control over your tasks by choosing where your AI model resides: on-premises for maximum privacy or with trusted third-party providers for processing generic data.

key features 

Use AI for your work and business with enhanced control and peace of mind

Smart Meeting Summary

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Automatically record and summarize meetings to super charge your productivity securely. 
Customize your settings within clicks: choose your AI model and style of the summary to generate content for different needs. 

Customization Meets Simplicity


Seamless Integration

Empower Your Business at Any Stage – Your AI Assistant, Ready on Mobile and Desktop, Whenever You Need.
"Since the launch of ChatGPT, I've been eager to leverage AI to enhance my work, but privacy concerns held me back. This app perfectly addresses my needs."

Helan Yang, CN

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